T-MERGE Network Audit Model

Network Audit Areas


RF Design & Planning

  • Planning tool & data
  • Cell planning
  • Site survey & acquisition
  • Frequency planning
The result is an analysis of

  • RF design strategy (use of e.g. hierarchical cells, microcells)
  • RF planning assumptions and design guidelines
  • Cell planning processes & procedures
  • Site survey & acquisition process
  • Quality of planning tool data & calibration
  • Frequency planning
BSS Design & Planning

  • BSC strategy
  • Processes & procedures
  • Configurations & parameters
The result is an analysis of

  • BSC deployment strategy
  • BSC setup : configurations & parameters
  • Accuracy & completeness of site databases
  • Handover parameters
  • LAC planning
  • OMC BSS parameters
RAN Implementation

  • Site build quality, assessed by representative
    site visits
The result is an analysis of

  • Overall condition of the implemented cell-sites
  • Antenna installation, tilts & azimuths; feeder installations
  • Lightning protection, power supply and back-up
  • Air conditioning and heating; site access
  • Site alarms, safety and security; testing & acceptance procedures
  • As-built documentation
Core Network

  • Analysis of the main Core Network elements
    (MSCs, HLR/VLR, OMC/NMC, AuC etc).
The result is an analysis of

  • Overall core network design strategy & topology
  • Dimensioning & performance
  • Routing & signalling
  • Documentation
  • Network management
  • Survivability & disaster recovery
Transmission Network

  • Analysis of transmission network
    planning & implementation
The result is an analysis of

  • Network topology & topical configurations
  • Processes & procedures
  • Redundancy & resilience
  • Performance
  • Transmission network management and O&M
Analysis of platforms & systems

  • Design
  • Configurations
  • Parameter settings
The result is an analysis of

  • Overall platform and networks design strategy & topology
  • Fault resolutions, dimensioning & performance
  • Parameter Settings, Maintenance processes
  • Associated Processes & Procedures
  • Survivability & disaster recovery
  • Documentation
NOC / Operations & Maintenance

  • Analysis of O&M processes & procedures
  • Analysis of implementaions
The result is an analysis of

  • O&M processes & procedures
  • Alarms & fault handling
  • MTTR
  • Work order management & fault tracking processes
  • Preventive maintenance procedures
  • Vendor support and processes for equipment failure
Network Capacity

  • Capacity analysis of the critical network elements
The result is an analysis of

  • Capacity planning and expansion planning processes & procedures
  • Equipment and processes utilised to monitor network capacity, traffic and load
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Determination of appropriate maintenance windows
  • Potential bottlenecks
Network Performance

  • RF Drive Testing
  • Network capacity, traffic and statistical data
  • Optimisation
The result is an analysis of

  • Analysis of RF drive test data (CSSR, DCR, H/OSR, etc)
  • Comparison of drive test result with plannibg tool coverage predictions
  • Analysis of traffic and statistical data from core network platforms
  • Analysis of customer complaints; OMC/NMC alarms
  • Management reporting processes
  • Analysis of all relevant network KPIs and related data

T-MERGE offers the following turn-key design and network optimization services:

  • Radio site surveys.
  • Initial Network tuning.
  • Drive testing (Using T-MERGE or Operator tools)
  • Network benchmarking activities.
  • Frequency planning and optimization.
  • Radio network Troubleshooting.

  • With extensive experience in the telecom field, T-Merge has mastered the requirements needed to outsource critical resources to operators who are in short of high caliber individuals.
  • T-Merge offers to organizations a comprehensive database of skilled resources in all telecom fields including specialized resources in critical positions like 3G/4G technical experts, Fiber design and implementation engineers, Revenue Assurance specialists, Telecom Financial analysts and all management positions across all technical areas.
  • T-Merge assumes the responsibility of the whole recruitment process starting from screening personnel, interviewing and selection process and mobilizing resources to organizations in any country world-wide.

  • T-Merge believes that “killer” applications and services are the future drivers for ARPU in all Telecom operators. T-Merge has realized that for operators to gain market share and combat declining ARPUs due to competition, consumer and enterprise innovative services have to be offered at affordable costs.
  • T-Merge has been on top of the latest developments in messaging solutions and content development in order to provide operators with integrated VAS and IT solutions that aim to differentiate operators in the enterprise and consumer markets.
  • T-Merge is capable of managing 3rd party value added services projects and integrating this to operator’s backbone and service delivery platforms.
  • Some of the popular services that T-Merge provides through its partners include:
    • Mobile Wallet
    • One number service
    • Multi-Line
    • Multi-Sim
    • Roaming visitor Local Number
    • Roaming visitor Data Service
    • Mobile VPN
    • Mobile Ticketing
    • Missed call alert
    • Incubator Modeling for new VAS

T-MERGE Understanding of the Future Services Environment & OWA Concept

  • End to end design of fiber networks (Active and Passive elements) for Telecom operators to reduce dependency on TX leased lines and achieve OPEX savings
  • Deployment & Project management of Mega fiber projects in new cities / residential areas / compounds and existing buildings
  • Supply of Fiber structured cable systems and distribution frames as well as all related accessories and connectors
  • Managing OSP and passive elements implementation in all build phases
  • Managing integration of active elements with existing networks
  • Audit on existing fiber implementations and assessment of BW and speeds achieved 

  • T-Merge offers a complete E2E audit service on all main revenue & cost streams.
  • This is to ensure chargeable transactions made on all network elements are captured by the network, rated by the billing system, charged to the customer, reported by DWH/RA and finally recorded accurately and completely by Revenue Accounting.
  • The following areas are typically be covered in any T-Merge RA Audit or engagement with customers:
  1. Interconnection.
  2. International & Roaming.
  3. Postpaid & Prepaid.
  4. Data Services & VAS.
  5. At the end of the RA audit, T-Merge will provide a detailed report outlining all identified gaps or leakages, process-need enhancement, controls not in place and controls existing but ineffective.
  • Based on the findings, a complete corrective plan will be presented with a clear recommendation on best practices to rectify all shortcomings and avoid re-occurrence.
  • Upon request, T-Merge will also extend its support to execute the correction plan in co-ordination with the operational teams on the ground.

Realizing the importance of strict and effective financial reporting and management and contribution to the success of any mobile operator or company to improve on EBITDA margins and profitability, T-MERGE has established a new concept namely “Finance in a BOX”.

This concept aims to offer a one stop shop for any mobile operator to implement, build or assess an end to end financial reporting and management system. The services offered as part of the “Finance in a BOX” includes the following:

  • Build or Enhance the Accounting Policies & Procedures according to the IFRS
  • Budgeting & Control System
  • Better Financial presentation,
  • Build Financial reporting system (BI)
  • Building Chart of Accounts
  • Implement Oracle ERP system
  • Outsource Financial management & reporting functions