• T-MERGE is a multinational Telecom, Energy and Engineering integrated services company
  • T-MERGE was founded in Dallas, USA in 2007 offering unique and competitive products and services in the Telecom field
  • T-MERGE has been well positioned in the Telecom industry focusing on the Network Audit, Outsourcing and Advisory fields and worked with most of the global mobile operators engaging in challenging audit and benchmarking projects covering Radio, TX, Core, VAS/IN, Fiber, Operations and Civil/EM fields
  • T-MERGE has extended its portfolio to offer advanced telecom financial advisory services including revenue assurance and fraud management
  • Realizing the growing need and importance of solar and renewable energy applications in today’s world, T-MERGE has expanded its traditional telecom and non-telecom power business lines to focus on solar energy applications in the telecom, industrial, agricultural as well as the residential sectors
  • T-MERGE offers a wide range of competitive products and services related to energy saving and substitution to suit different customer needs in homes and businesses extending to support governments in building and maintaining solar power plants
  • T-MERGE also provides world class on-site and on-line training courses in mobile telecom fields, solar energy applications, construction management and leadership/management skills
  • Today, T-MERGE main HQ is in Hong Kong with principal offices in Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
  • T-MERGE serves customers in many countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa